38 grados was in nude 2019

“38 grados” is a design consultancy founded in Barcelona by Agota Rimsaite and Cristina Sánchez. Their professional relationship took root at the Elisava University School, which specialises in design, where they both studied for a Masters in furniture design.Cristina is from Granada, where she graduated with a degree in architecture in 2017. Her designs are very centred on using pure, geometric shapes. Cristina pays special attention to detail and functionality.Agota is from northern Europe and was born in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, where she studied product design. Agota is passionate about minimalist design and about the aesthetics of the products that surround her. She always seeks to add a light-hearted touch to her designs.The creations produced by 38 grados reflect both their personalities as well as their training, their cultures and other influences

The designers Agota Rimsaite and Cristina Sánchez from 38 grados design studio in nude 2019

Foto Marcos Soria