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A new manufacturer specialising in designing, making and marketing contemporary furniture and accessories – furniture with a distinct identity that derives from the local materials that inspire the designs, such as oak and beech, terracotta… As for textiles, we work with a Danish fabric that contains no heavy metals. We use innovative manufacturing processes such as 3D printing, which we use to make the Matiko ceramic lamp.“Our aim is to make everyday objects that inspire, make life more beautiful and easier but that create pleasant, unique environments at the same time.”The collection is currently available online, through ABANABILBAO.COM for the general public and through hola@abanabilbao.com for professionals – decorators, architects and interior designers – to whom we give a trade discount.The collection has already begun to attract attention in markets such as the USA, where we have already started selling on the back of positive reviews in international magazines.

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Foto Marcos Soria