Orgánica Collection was in nude 2019

Understanding how we perceive objects, inhabiting them, giving them meaning and offering the possibility of finding out more about them all the time – this is Orgánica’s raison d’être.The project launched in 2017 after eight years experimenting with leading-edge technologies applied to design. Orgánica combines hand-crafting with the new 3D-printing processes, taking randomness, error and coincidence on board as creative resources. The result is an elegant product whose unconventional features make it unique.The practice comprises Sasha Adato, a Graphic Designer and Photographer at the RMIT University in Melbourne and Industrial Designer Giovanni Viteri, who holds a Masters in Cultural Studies, is a Specialist in Products for Export and has extensive experience in 3D-printing, furniture and art. Between them they seek out the friendly side of technology and blend it with the simplicity of nature.

The designer Giovanni Viteri from Orgánica Collection in nude 2019
Foto Marcos Soria