SalLight was in nude 2019

SalLight is a Project that has been developed by design practice OtherLife and began to take shape at the same time as a new material was discovered, a live material that is still breathing after a million years in the darkest depths of the earth and has appeared on the surface to brighten our lives in the form of a collection of lamps.The Aladino collection was born out of creativity and experimentation, applying the latest technologies to the oldest of materials, a material that has a rough texture, is crystalline, white, dun-coloured with layers of grey and black tracing poetic brush-strokes created haphazardly over the course of time. The light that comes through these lamps is quite captivating, the product of nature and the arbitrariness of many years. Every piece is a geological joy, giving out a bright, natural light, a unique, unrepeatable canvas.Out lamps began to take form millions of years ago when a sea and its inhabitants became fossilized, trapped in the form of strata in the interior of the Iberian Peninsula. As lamps, now, this fossilized material brings the light of nature into the home, whilst cleansing the air we breathe, healing us. This is an iconic material that attracts the positive ions given off by electrical apparatus, thus cleansing the air. There is currently a rise in halotherapy – treatments for asthma and skin disorders based on our muse. The SalLight project is driven by a desire to continue researching and developing products that deliver the benefits of cleaning the air as well as offering an ambient light that is at once appealing, decorative and adds to the comfort of the home. Products for interior architecture. Eco-designed products that create interiors that are both therapeutic and full of life

La diseñadora Ana Gómez de SalLights en su stand nude 2019

Fotografía de Marcos Soria