Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera was in nude 2019

The Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera is showing designs created by Product Design Masters students.Frombitstoatoms – From the bit to the atom. Designing with 3D technology.The frombitstotoms collection explores the design and manufacture of objects for the office and the home using 3D technology. The exhibition, which has been seen in Valencia and Milan, shows items designed by CEU students under the supervision of Héctor Serrano. Is this the future of design?Matter – In Matter, the material sets the tone.The material comes first, the design second. In other words, the first step is research into trends, with the development of the product coming next. The students took this premise as their starting point and worked under the direction of Jose Aranda Enblanc. Matter, which they are presenting now, is a creation based on materials used over different decades and applied to designing sunglasses.Lighting – Collections of portable lamps, designed by students, under the direction of Clara del Portillo · Yonoh