Cristina Omarrementeria was in nude 2019

Cristina lives and works in Valencia, Spain. In September 2019 she is presenting her first set of furniture, created together with Valencian artisans. Self-taught, she decided one day to experiment with the human and material resources available in her local area.The spontaneous human relationship with the suppliers and craftsmen involved in the production of her pieces is key to her design process. This very first collection is self-powered. Inspired by the past, she plays with nostalgia and uses natural raw materials such as stone, iron and glass. The use of classic, solid materials means these pieces are, in fact, objects from long ago created today.Romantic and colourful, this set is inspired by Italy and Spain, and by the memory of a time when everything was simpler but equally creative, designed and made carefully to last through the years, the sixties and seventies, the time of the perfect beach apartment, the kitsch and often useless yet wonderful things

Cristina Omarrementería in nude 2019
Foto Marcos Soria