Escola D´Art i Superior de Ceràmica de Manises was in nude 2019

BUILDING THE FUTURE WITH CERAMICWhat we have tried to do over the last few years, through the projects our students have worked on, is build a bridge between the emerging environment of doubt and perplexity and the possibilities that ceramic affords to provide responses to the uncertainty of this scenario we face – a global disconnect that leads us to analyse the variables from a perspective of sustainability.Even at the preliminary stage of the project a new approach is taken regarding the choice of ceramic materials to be used and the way they are shaped and produced, the aim being to stay within the bounds of Nature.The value of the projects we are presenting at this year’s NUDE lies primarily in that they provide a response to issues of a purely organic nature: They are all objects that are sure to have long-term value. Objects made from ceramic that do not burden future generations with the obligations and demands of maintenance associated with irresponsibly devised products and processes