Estudio pot – díez ceramic – 5.1 were in nude 19

We are a group practice comprising Estudio Pot, Díez Ceramic and 5.1. We all have extensive experience of working with ceramic as a medium, which means there is a total synergy between us. We try to fuse the traditions of craftsmanship with a modern approach derived from current trends and new technologies. In recent years it has become clear to us that there is an interest in new products made of ceramic and that this interest is growing and becoming evident.A number of factors have contributed to this. On the one hand people are rejecting mass production and are looking instead for exclusive, hand-made items. On the other is the fact that ceramic is a natural material with a great historical heritage, especially in the Comunidad Valenciana and, as such, is acceptable to society. We are living in a new era where people (or at least the vast majority) are increasingly concerned, about everything…as much about our footprint on the planet as about using local materials that come from the earth.We took the decision to become a group practice so as to create new ways of combining design, craftsmanship and innovation.

The designers María Gil, Lorenzo Pérez e Inma Carpena in stand nude 2019

Fotografía de Marcos Soria