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Aguadelta is a new solution for re-using the distilled water generated by air conditioning units. It is a planter with a built-in watering system that collects water to be used later for watering plants or putting into your iron, your humidifier and so on.Installation is very simple: all you need to do is connect the pipe or hose that comes out of the air-conditioning unit to the port on the Aguadelta unit and the water that flows down the hose will collect automatically in the planter’s water tank.The water tank has a float that rises when the tank is almost full and lets you know that it is time to empty it.The planter is designed to be placed in corners and has straight, simple lines so is a good fit for any environment, indoors or outdoors, easily replacing that usual water butt that is hardly attractive to look at. It also encourages re-use of waste water, so is environmentally friendly

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