Mihache was in nude 2019

Mihache is more than a Project. It embodies my passion for creating and communicating my particular way of understanding design. Light, materials and geometry. These are my tools.Pure lines, lightness, balance and harmony. Striving to create an icon.The dry landscapes of America and devising abstract forms of the natural structures found there were the inspiration that led to the creation of HACTUS. A series of items designed to pure geometric lines that are combined together to create volumes, contrasts and sensations.The same construction system has been used to create a set of items consisting of a lamp, a seat and four decorative figures, reproduced in different sizes and finished in three different materials.Mihache is my signature, the product of my personal history. The HACTUS series speaks of my passion for architecture. Its beauty derives from the contrast of light and shade, pure geometric forms put together in structural balance, creating sinuous volumes made of parts that are flat

The designers from Mihache in nude 2019

Foto Marcos Soria