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Based in Lanzarote, Nacho Correa Studio was set up in July 2018 as a vehicle for Nacho Correa to pursue his creative curiosity.As a studio, it has no restrictions in terms of areas of creativity. My idea is to create endless objects, sculptures, functional pieces of furniture, home interiors, paintings…each echoing a single concept that links them all together.I take my inspiration from the very natural, exotic surroundings of the island of Lanzarote. I want to share colour, geometrical shapes and my particular sense of a fun, functional approach to life.In developing this concept, we work very much in an artisan way, producing limited runs of items that I either make in the workshop or sub-contract to craftsmen on the island.Equally, more complex pieces such as the curves of the tree we have made on the mainland, then import them.My vision when designing all of my creations is to stay as far away from plastic as possible and close to decent materials such as wood, ceramic, cotton and so on

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