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ORIAN and DOAN COLLECTION are customisable LED lights that can be made in different shapes and sizes to suit different settings. They are a further development of the TABUHOME studio’s work, which has always produced innovative, appealing designs and is constantly searching for and researching materials and techniques that enable the team to create and design with little impact on the environment.One product of the R&D effort is LAB COLLECTION or “furniture LEGO”, as we call it at the studio, which includes the DIDIER coat stand that was the inspiration for the lights.The lights are made up of pieces that are very easy to fit together and very sturdy once assembled.They are easy to customize and both the floor and ceiling versions can be made in different combinations of natural materials and colours.They take low energy LED lamps and come with remote controls.The entire TABUHOME team is very much looking forward to taking part in this next NUDE and to being able to show the ORAIN and DOAN lights – so everyone can design their own light, just like when playing with “LEGO”.

The designer Aran Valladares from Tabuhome stand nude 2019
Foto de Marcos Soria